The intrigue of the art of glassblowing is one that dates back centuries. Traditionally the secrets of this passionate craft were passed down to a select few – father and son or master and apprentice. Gail and his team at Salado Glassworks proudly work as keepers of that art, while also pushing it to new limits with each piece they place their hand and heart to. The gallery of Salado Glassworks is artfully lined with bowls, vases, sculpture, mugs, stemware, ornaments and more, each of which have their own voice, distinct style and story. Because each new creation is formed directly by the artist’s hand, it is a guarantee that no two pieces are ever the same. Whether developing a custom lighting solution for an individual’s home or working with commercial designers to turn imagination into sculpted glass reality, Gail’s vision for his craft and execution of the final product never ceases to amaze.


Salado Glassworks began in an old, tumbledown potter’s studio on the south end of town in historic Salado, Texas. As Gail began to make his art accessible to the Central Texas community, his following rapidly began to grow. In 2014, Glassworks expanded into its current home of 5,000+ square feet of gallery and working space.


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